SanPlat Box No. 1

In this box we have included all the moulds we thought at the time that you needed to start a low cost sanitation Programme. What is missing are the later developments like the “All-In-One” and SaniPlast Privé.

Years have passed since we developed this box but it still has an important role to play. When it was conceived it was the latest development made to be copied locally. There are at least two moulds of each type in the box, which means that you can continue production even if you want to take some of the moulds to the carpentry for copying, to start your own production of moulds. This idea has worked too well and the copied moulds have degenerated to a point where they no longer deserve to be considered as improved.

Today we are promoting the box especially for those communities where the idea of copying has gone wrong. The moulds are still meant to be copied but we want people to have good moulds to copy from.


SanPlat Box No. 1 includes the following:

Box no 1
(Click for larger image.)

10        Drop hole moulds in plastic          x10

2          Belt moulds: 1.2 m diameter         x2

2          Belt moulds: 1.5 m diameter         x2

6          Belt clips                                           x4

2          Arch moulds: 1.2 m diameter       x2

2          Arch moulds: 1.5 m diameter       x2

2          SanPlat foot rest moulds               x2

2          SanPlat frames: 60×60 cm             x2

Latrine building manuals (in English)

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