Plastic SanPlat Lids

It is a sad fact concrete lids commonly are broken or lost. Also new-built latrines need to have nice lids that effectively stops smell and fly circulation:

One lid fits all: Standardised drop-hole dimensions allows for standardised lids with good fitting as well as smell and fly control and allows the latrine to be built close to the house. No fear for going to the toilet at night.. One of the advantages with the SanPlat System is that the lids fits the hole. The lid can be adapted for easy foot operation with no hand contamination

Fitting of the lid: Make a hole in the nose of the lid and fit it to a fixed point in the floor with a sturdy string. For concrete slabs put a wooden peg in the concrete while casting allowing the end of the rope to be fixed with a nail, or better, a screw. For easy foot-operation the lid should be fitted with the pointing end pointing towards the user.

Foot operation: The plastic lid and the foot operated handle do away with the hand contamination problem.

Plastic Lid
Plastic lid with black (foot-operated) handle.
Foot operated lid
How to open and close the lid with the foot.
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